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Exam Stress

Exams of course is a very stressful and nervous time, try to use relaxation techniques to keep you focused on your goals and personal achievements.

Be as prepared as possible before the exam and dedicate time for revision, meditation and exercise is a great way to clear the mind allowing you to focus.

Eat the correct food, avoiding caffeine and surgery food that are stimulants.

At the start of your exam, breath – deep breaths will relax the mind and body, remember it’s not a race focus on your own paper and forget others around you. If your unsure on a question, leave it and come back, panicking on a question you don’t feel confident about will create a negative approach on the remaining questions.

Stress doesn’t disappear straight after the exam, avoid over analysing the paper with others as this can cause doubt in what you have completed.

Waiting for your results can be a difficult time, spend time on yourself allowing for relaxation so your mind can unwind.

Good Luck this week my  ITEC Massage Course Students and Anatomy and Physiology Course students, you have all worked so hard.

17th May 2015

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